solidary art

Art is not merely contemplation, it is also action,

and all action changes the world, at least a little.”.

Tony Kushner.

With my work I try make think, as I think at the moment of choosing the themes that I develop in my artworks. In the end, the reflection can lead to small acts that demonstrate us that the reality, the world, is transformable.

My art not only transmits a message to lead to the action but it integrates the solidarity itself, part of the profits will be donated to organizations that I will choose according to the theme that treats each project. It’s my way of putting a small grain of sand which I hope will be bigger

Already I will be informing you to what organizations there will be destined the benefits of every project. There will be available reproductions with less price in order that anyone that wants to have an artwork and take part in the corresponding cause, could do it.

Part of the benefits will be donated to non-profit-making organizations.